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Bike Sauce: Add the flavour of your Local Bike Shop to any online-purchased bike.

With Bike Sauce, you can buy any bike through The Green Jersey. Here’s how it works…

Step 1: Bike Buying consultation

During this 30 minute session, we will establish which style of bike best meets your needs, based on where and how you plan to ride your new bike, your budget, your preferences about styling and colour schemes, specifications and sizing.

Step 2: Sourcing the bike

We will help you to find the best deal online and have it delivered to us so that you don’t need to wait in for a delivery to arrive and fill your bins with packaging.

Step 3: Setup

Your bike will be built, checked and set up for you by a Cytech qualified bicycle mechanic.

Step 4: Bike fit

We use a combination of specific bike fitting tools and our extensive experience and academic knowledge to ensure that your bike is optimised for you and your riding style. This typically takes 45 minutes.

Step 5: Checkup and adjust service

Once you’ve had your first few rides on your new bike, we will take care of all of the settling in adjustments such as cable tension. This is also a chance for you to pick our brains with any follow up questions you may have from your bike fit.

Step 6: Warranty support

We hope this won’t be necessary, but if anything should go wrong with your internet purchased bike, we will be here to advise and support you with getting it sorted out efficiently.



Bike Sauce – £150

Bike Sauce and Membership to The Green Jersey Cycling Club – £200

If we supply the bike, then Bike Sauce and your Club membership is on the house!