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A little bit about us.....

Whilst the green jersey is the apparel sported by the ‘hard men’ of our sport, it is also symbolic of so much more than a winner. The spirit of the green jersey is pleasure, pain, pride and passion for cycling. And that’s what we’re about. We’re not just a bike shop. We are The Green Jersey. Winning products, service and knowledge with the spirit of the green jersey at the heart of all we do. Click here to Meet the team

Life is hectic these days. And if you’re like us, then time to pull the lycra on, hop on the bike and take to the open road is a precious guilty pleasure. Our purpose is to indulge your precious time on your bike. Your purpose for visiting the Green Jersey is to immerse yourself into the hub of a cycling community where others share the same pleasure, pain, pride and passion for cycling. The Green Jersey Groove!

With 30 years experience of selling and caring in the cycling world, we have worked on the bikes of green jersey winners, national champions and the weekend warriors who live the dream every Sunday morning. It is our pleasure to ensure that you have the right bike. We take pride to ensure that it fits like a glove. We painstakingly tend to any surgery on your beloved iron horse in our specialist workshop. We are passionate that you feel like a Green Jersey Winner when you take to the roads around the beautiful Ribble Valley.

The hub of our community is The Green Jersey Cafe where fellow cyclists meet to talk about the killer climb of the day, who will win the Giro or what piece of carbon fibre is next on their list. It’s a great place to start or end a ride and enjoy a good brew with a homemade cake or two! If the Ribble Valley is new to you, we will happily recommend some great cycling routes to explore – and you can even leave your car in our car park whilst you’re out and about on the bike.

We really look forward to seeing you soon to soak up the heady atmosphere of fine coffee and GT85!